Office 365 Events
Office 365 Events


See what Office 365 can do for you. Check out these events to hear real life customer stories and see how businesses like yours have utilized the power of the cloud through familiar Microsoft products.

Learn how you can grow your business using the power of the cloud

The Microsoft Technology Roadmap Webinar Series outlines the benefits of the new Microsoft Office for businesses like yours. These events will help you understand how productivity solutions such as unified communications, business analytics, and enterprise-grade email can help your organization.

Office as a Service

Modernize your Office and productivity infrastructure without any compromise. Learn about the latest Office suite plus a wide range of productivity services.

Social Enterprise

Being able to connect with people and information virtually anywhere and anytime is fundamental to driving business growth. Learn how to create a combined social, collaboration, email, and unified communications platform.

Unified Communications

The new Microsoft Lync is our most innovative unified communication offer yet. New and improved features allow you to stay in touch anywhere, using virtually any device you want.

Is Your Email Safe and Compliant?

Now is the time to find a highly secure email and collaboration solution that fits your needs. Learn about Exchange Online Protection and Exchange Online Archiving, and transition to modern messaging and collaboration on your own terms and timeline.

Changing the Game with Microsoft Business Analytics

Learn how to implement an analytics platform that offers agile self-service BI, scalable insights across multiple data types, and robust data management and warehousing capabilities.

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If you’re exploring cloud offerings, don’t miss the Office 365 Virtual Launch, a recorded virtual event that highlights the new release of Office 365 for business that delivers all of the capabilities of the new Office, both on-premises and in the cloud. See demos, learn how the Office has been transformed into an always-up-to-date service, and hear customers talk about moving to the cloud.