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Explore technical resources that help you administer Office 365. Whether you’re an experienced IT Pro or just getting started, find events, programs, and services to configure, manage, and monitor the services effectively.

Build your cloud skills at Microsoft Tech Summits

A free, technical learning event series for IT professionals and developers..

Announcements, resources, and events for IT Professionals

Microsoft tech community

Tech Community

Visit the one place where experts in the Microsoft community can share, collaborate on, and learn about Office 365 and other Microsoft products.
Office 365 roadmap

Office 365 Roadmap

The roadmap is the official site for Office 365 updates and changes. Visit it to learn about features that have launched, are rolling out, or are in development.
FastTrack customer success service for Office 365

FastTrack service

A successful Office 365 rollout helps everyone work in new ways. Find the resources, tools, and experts to make any Office 365 rollout a success.
Microsoft Mechanics

Microsoft Mechanics

Watch the official video channel for the latest Office technology innovations, engineering commentary, and demos for IT Professionals.
tech events

Tech Events

Build your skills with the latest in cloud technologies at Microsoft Tech Summit, a free, technical learning event for IT pros and developers. Find a city near you!
Office 365 blogs

Office Blogs

Get a complete view of the latest blog posts, webcasts, update news, and product tips about Microsoft Office 365 and related tools and technologies.
Office 365 administrative help

Office 365 Admin Help

Explore articles, videos, and learning materials to help you make the most of Office 365. Add a domain name, manage people, order subscriptions, and more.
PowerShell home page


Are you an Office 365 admin new to PowerShell? With PowerShell, you can automate repetitive tasks and access additional management capabilities. 
Office 365 admin app page

Admin App

Manage Office 365 from anywhere! The Office 365 admin app enables you to stay informed, get support, and manage users on the go. 
Tech Academy page

Tech Academy

Kick-start your cloud expertise with free, multimedia training for IT Professionals and Developers, with always-up-to-date content and learning pathways.