Office 365

People-centric security

With Office 365, Microsoft takes security and compliance to the next level. Now you have even more control over your data security and compliance with built-in privacy, transparency, and refined user controls. It’s easy to see why this is the most secure Office. Ever.

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Trusted cloud security

We respect your privacy. It's your data, and we protect it. Microsoft was the first cloud computing platform to conform to ISO/IEC 27018, which prohibits use of personal data for advertising or marketing. Learn how to use technology and prevention strategies to protect your company’s data against your security system’s weakest link: people.

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Secured information and data

Office 365 enables you to keep your data secure and protected both in transit and at rest. Access control technology provides layers of protection, including multiple levels of approval and just-in-time access with limited and time-bound authorization. We've ensured that you have control over your data. Get in-depth details on how Office 365 helps keep your data safe from cyberthreats with capabilities like proactive protection and Advanced Security Management anomaly detection policies.

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Protect users and their devices

Security threats are top of mind for everyone nowadays, and they can pose a huge challenge to productivity. Read how Microsoft delivers a Secure Productive Enterprise offering to help businesses empower employees with tools that fuel collaboration and productivity—all while mitigating the risks in the digital world.

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"The move to the cloud brought up all sorts of security questions, and it quickly became clear that our data would be safer in the Microsoft cloud than in our own datacenters. After all, Microsoft is an expert in enterprise security."

This sentence is told by Jeff Heyde, Director of Global Systems, Dana Holding Corporation

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

Cybercrime is a constantly evolving and ever-increasing challenge for businesses today. Microsoft created the Digital Crimes Unit to investigate and fight cybercrime.

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