Voice and video calling with Microsoft Teams

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Teams named leader by top researchers

Gartner report

The Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant has Teams at the top in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Forrester report

The Wave UCaaS report from Forrester chose Microsoft Teams as a leader in UCaaS.

Phone System

Phone System enables PBX capabilities including call control in Office 365 and replaces on-premises PBX. Pair it with Direct Routing or a Calling Plan to have full calling capabilities in Office 365.

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Group call pick up

Enable Teams users to create custom groups and allow colleagues to answer their calls.

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Shared line appearance

Configure any calling-enabled Teams user as a shared number with multiple lines for multiple calls.

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Call park

Let Teams users put a call on hold and allow other users to answer on any phone after entering a code.

Dial tone choices

Choose Direct Routing, a Calling Plan, or both for dial tone.

Direct Routing

Enable full calling configured to your own specifications with Direct Routing in Teams.

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    Get dial tone your way

    Make and receive calls directly in Teams with Direct Routing or combine with a Calling Plan.

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    Bring your own telecom provider

    Easily configure your existing voice lines to work with Direct Routing.

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    Certified SBCs deliver reliability

    We certify SBC providers and their solutions to insure highly reliable telephony.

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    Easily connect your hardware

    Easily connect existing legacy hardware such as third-party PBXs to Teams and Direct Routing.

Calling Plans

Give your users full calling capabilities in Teams. It’s easy with simple voice user management.

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    Deploy easily

    Get a plan then set up access, phone numbers, and users quickly with the Office 365 online admin portal.

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    Manage service in the cloud

    Save the time and money required to install and maintain an on-premises telephony infrastructure.

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    Take calls from anywhere

    Make and receive calls from any device, including phones, PCs, Macs, and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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    Maintain high availability

    Have 99.9% uptime guaranteed by Office 365 with built-in redundancy and active load balancing.

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    Get call reporting

    Run usage reports to review active users, sessions, client device information, and types of activities.

Calling Plan pricing

No additional requirements

Phone System ($8.00)

Phone System ($8.00)

Domestic: $12.00

International: $24.00

Domestic: $12.00

International: $24.00

Domestic: $12.00

International: $24.00

Domestic: $12.00

International: $24.00

Domestic: $20.00

International: $32.00

Domestic: $20.00

International: $32.00


Calling Plan Price1

Total Price2

Office 365 E5
No additional requirements

Domestic: $12.00

International: $24.00

Domestic: $12.00

International: $24.00

Office 365 E3

Phone System ($8.00)

Domestic: $12.00

International: $24.00

Domestic: $20.00

International: $32.00

Office 365 E1

Phone System ($8.00)

Domestic: $12.00

International: $24.00

Domestic: $20.00

International: $32.00

Add time with Communication Credits

Communication Credits are a convenient way to have extra audio conferencing and Calling Plan minutes.

Download our latest rates for Communication Credits by country and currency.3

Teams Devices

Get certified Teams devices for high-quality audio and video.


Calling in Teams refers to the capability of users to make and receive phone calls in Teams with features such hold, blind and safe transfers, and for professionals who manage calling solutions, which makes for great reporting.

Your organization will need to use Microsoft Teams as your calling solution. Additionally, your organization will need to use a phone system as part of E5 or acquire as an add-on. You will also need to choose a Calling Plan, Direct Routing, or a combination to make and receive calls.

Direct Routing allows customers to connect their telecom voice trunks directly to Office 365 so users can make and receive calls. Customers can work with their local telecommunications provider to connect their voice trunks via a certified SBC (Session Border Controller) to Office 365 and Phone System. This will be available in any country where we license Teams and Phone System. Direct Routing is part of the Teams-compatible Phone System.

A Calling Plan is an add-on telephone service that, when combined with Phone System in Office 365, can become the voice solution for your entire organization. A Calling Plan provides users with a primary phone number and lets them make and receive phone calls.

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1 Domestic: 3000 domestic minutes in the US and Puerto Rico, and 1200 domestic minutes in the UK.  
   International: 3000 domestic minutes in the US and Puerto Rico, and 1200 domestic minutes in the UK; 600 international minutes. 
2 Tax is included in price in the US. Service usage limits exist to manage fraud, abuse, excessive use, and maintain service performance.  
3 Rates listed (for tenants provisioned in the United States) do not include tax.   
   International dial-out rates are subject to change monthly, and individual rates are not locked during the term of your agreement.   
   Changes will be minimized where possible to avoid disruption while ensuring prices remain competitive with local market rates and conditions.