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Four premium enhancements to Phone System insure Cloud Voice in Microsoft Teams is ready for your organization.

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Teams in Office 365 provides business calling for people on a global scale, combining Phone System with Direct Routing and/or Calling Plan.

Phone System

Phone System enables call control and PBX capabilities in Office 365, effectively replacing your on-premises telephony hardware. Pair it with Direct Routing or Calling Plan and your users will get full calling capabilities in Office 365.

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Direct Routing

Direct Routing allows your company to choose who provides voice lines to Office 365. With a global reach, customers can select providers based on where telephony services are needed.

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Calling Plan

With Calling Plan, you get an easy way to give your employees full calling capabilities in Teams. Great for customers who want the simplest possible voice management for their users.

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Teams Devices

Certified devices deliver reliable and high-quality voice and video to ensure you are seen and heard. Choose the right Teams devices for optimized calling experience.


Direct Routing features

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Compatible with Calling in Teams

All the great features for Calling in Teams work with Direct Routing—you can even mix Direct Routing and Calling Plan together.

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Choose your telecom provider

Work with your existing telecom provider to provide voice trunks, so your users can have calling and teamwork together.

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Monitor and report from Office 365

Using our new modern portal, you can monitor and report on your voice systems directly in Office 365.

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Interoperability with third-party system

Direct Routing allows customers with users in the Microsoft cloud to continue using third-party systems such as PBXs, call centers, and Analog Telephony Adaptors (ATA), helping preserve key investments.

Why use Calling Plan in Office 365?

Calling Plan is managed through your Office 365 subscription, simplifying telephony needs across your organization.

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Calling in Teams refers to the capability of users to make and receive phone calls in Teams with features such hold, blind and safe transfers, and for professionals who manage calling solutions, which makes for great reporting.
Your organization will need to use Microsoft Teams as your calling experience. Additionally, your organization will need to use a phone system as part of E5 or acquired as an add-on. You will also need to choose Calling Plan, Direct Routing, or some combination of both to make and receive calls.
Direct Routing allows customers to connect their telecom voice trunks directly to Office 365, so users can make and receive calls. Customers can work with their local telecommunications provider to connect their voice trunks via a certified SBC (Session Border Controller) to Office 365 and Phone System. This will be available in any country where we license Teams and Phone System. Direct Routing is part of Teams-compatible Phone System.
Calling plan is an add-on telephone service that, when combined with Phone System in Office 365, can become the voice solution for your entire organization. Calling Plan provides the people in your business with a primary phone number and lets them make and receive phone calls.

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