Threat Protection

Gain powerful protection against cyberthreats

Cyberattacks will likely cost $6 trillion worldwide by 2021. The Office 365 collection of threat-protection solutions helps protect against a wide range of threats.

Get trusted, enterprise-grade threat protection

With a hacker attack happening somewhere every 39 seconds, you need trustworthy, tested protection for your digital environment. The Microsoft Office 365 collection of threat-protection technologies helps protect against and provides visibility about spam, malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links, and other threats.
Office 365 Threat Intelligence dashboard on a Windows laptop PC
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Protect against spam and malware in email

Get enterprise-class reliability and protect against spam, malware, and known threats while maintaining access to email during and after emergencies. Exchange Online Protection provides security and reliability to help protect your end users so that you can stay in control of your email environment. And because it’s easy to deploy and maintain, it’s easier than ever to protect your organization from external threats.

Help defend against advanced email threats

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps protect against sophisticated threats hidden in email attachments and links, and it provides cutting-edge defenses against zero-day threats, ransomware, and other advanced malware attempts. Rich reporting lets you investigate why ATP flagged a threat, and it gives you details about the users who received malicious emails and malicious links.
Office 365 Exchange Online Protection filter policy on a Windows laptop PC

Enhance your visibility and control

Identify high-risk and abnormal usage, security incidents, and evolving threats within your Office 365 environment and set up detailed anomaly-detection policies and controls with Office 365 Cloud App Security. Gain enhanced visibility into your Office 365 usage and uncover Shadow IT of cloud apps in your organization.

Uncover rich insights into the latest threats

Research threats from a dashboard, track phishing or malware campaigns aimed at your users, and search for threat indicators from user reports and other intelligence sources with Office 365 Threat Intelligence.
Office 365 Threat Explorer on a Windows desktop PC monitor

Ready to protect your information with Office 365?

Microsoft threat protection services

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection

Protect your environment against known threats, spam, and malware, all while maintaining access to your email.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your email in real time against unknown and sophisticated attacks such as zero days, ransomware, and advanced phishing.

Office 365 Cloud App Security

Get threat and anomaly detection and real-time policy remediation with visibility and control of your Office 365 environment.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence

Enjoy broad visibility into the threat landscape, which helps deliver actionable insights, and enables proactive cybersecurity.

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"The beauty of the Microsoft approach to multilevel security is that from a central console, we can control malware detection and check attachments and unsafe links—all as part of our Office 365 solution."

- Fabio Catassi, Chief Technology Officer, Mediterranean Shipping Company


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