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We are bringing Skype for Business Online capabilities into Microsoft Teams.

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Chat, calls and meetings for today’s teams

Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know. Stay connected with chat, calls, and meetings within your team and in private or small group conversations. Schedule and join online Skype meetings with HD video, VoIP, and dial-in audio conferencing options. Share your files, apps or desktop in online meetings and review the important moments later with transcriptions of recorded content. Have a dedicated phone number for placing and receiving domestic and international phone calls, with advances features including voicemail, transfer, delegation and emergency calling (e911).

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Integrated Office 365 apps

Give your team built-in access to everything they need right in Office 365. Manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one team workspace. Enjoy instant access to SharePoint, OneNote, PowerBI, and Planner. Create and edit documents right in the app. Keep the team in the loop with email integration. Search across people, files, and chats with intelligence from Microsoft Graph.

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Customizable and extensible

Tailor your Teams workspace to include key cloud services, explore data and get updates from the apps your teams use everyday. Create custom channels based on work streams or topics. Pin commonly used files and websites for easy reference. Add Bots that work on your team’s behalf. Build custom integrations to your existing business processes with the Teams developer platform.

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Enterprise security, compliance and manageability

Microsoft Teams provides the enterprise-level security, compliance and management features you expect from Office 365, including broad support for compliance standards, and eDiscovery and legal hold for channels, chats, and files. Tooltip about availability of legal features Microsoft Teams encrypts data at all times, at-rest and in-transit, and includes multi-factor authentication to enhance identity protection. On-call support engineering are standing by for back-up anytime.

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Race to success together

As a global leader in bicycles and related gear, Trek’s employees have different specializations just like members of a bike team. Microsoft Teams makes it easy for them to maintain the collaborative spirit of a small company while leading the charge in creating some of the world’s best bikes.

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