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Create custom diagrams and flowcharts quickly with Visio. Learn about Visio 2010 product features, resources, and support options, and find new ways to organize and visualize your ideas.

If you’re ready to take your diagrams to the next level, step up to Visio Pro for Office 365. Get all the advanced features in Visio Professional 2016 installed on up to five PCs per user. With a Visio Pro for Office 365 subscription, you get regular security and feature updates, integration with other Office 365 services, and more.

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Release and service packs

Visio Professional 2010 was released in July 2010, followed by Service Pack 1 (June 2011) and Service Pack 2 (July 2013). You can learn more about release and support in the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy.

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Find help and support

You can find book excerpts, tutorials, and help topics on the Office support site. Join the Office community to ask a question or start a discussion about Visio.

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Stay in the know

Learn what’s new with Visio in the Office Blog. Find out the latest feature updates and get tips for staying productive and creating professional diagrams with ease.

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Visio 2010 features and highlights

Updated user interface

  • Visio 2010 introduced the Office Fluent interface, including the ribbon containing your frequently used commands.
  • An updated Shapes window shows all the stencils that are currently open in the document. The More Shapes menu is now in the Shapes window, so you don’t have to leave the window to open a new stencil.
  • The new Quick Shapes area at the top of every stencil is where you can put the shapes you use most often.

Design and formatting features

  • Live Preview shows how formatting options like themes and fonts will appear before you apply them. Point to a style to apply it temporarily and quickly try several options.
  • Auto Size replaces the visible page in the Visio drawing surface with an expandable page that makes it easier to create large diagrams. Dotted lines indicate printed page divisions.
  • Auto Align & Space lets you adjust the alignment and spacing of shapes. Adjust all the shapes in a diagram at once, or select specific shapes to adjust.
  • You can make sure your shapes are lined up and spaced evenly using the guides in Visio. Snap points based on alignment and spacing help you position everything correctly.

What’s new in Visio 2016 + Office 365

Visio Pro for Office 365 offers all the professional diagramming features in Visio Professional 2016 as an always-up-to-date subscription from Office 365.

Simplify collaboration

Share and co-author Visio diagrams to get more done together. Enable others to add comments and changes, and work together in real-time across multiple devices.

Share diagrams with ease

Easily share your Visio diagrams with others, even if they don't have Visio installed. With Visio Services in Office 365, all they need is a browser.

Bring your diagrams to life

Link Visio shapes to multiple data sources like Excel spreadsheets and SQL Server databases. Visualize real-time data in complex processes using colorful icons and graphics.

Stay up to date

With a Visio Pro for Office 365 subscription, you always get the latest feature and security updates installed automatically.

Compare Visio 2010 and Office 365

Comparison of features of Visio 2010 and Office 365

Visio features

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Visio Pro for Office 365features

Visio 2010features

One-step data linking

Link diagrams and shapes to Excel data in a single step, and see how your data changes in real time.

This feature is includedThis feature is not included
Redesigned shapes

Add more detail to electrical diagrams, floor plans, office layouts, and more with modern shapes that are built right in.

This feature is includedThis feature is not included
Help from Tell Me

Quickly get help with tasks and features by entering a word or phrase in the Tell me what you want to do box in Visio.

This feature is includedThis feature is not included
Always up to date

Always have the latest version of Visio features and services with a Visio Pro for Office 365 subscription.

This feature is includedThis feature is not included

Visio 2010 resources

Download Office 2010

Download and install Office 2010 using an existing product key.

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Visio 2010 help topics

Find user guides, training, and other support for Visio 2010.

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Other versions of Office

Learn about other versions of Office and how you can upgrade to the new Office 365.

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