Visio Standard 2016

Easily create versatile diagrams using a rich set of new and updated shapes and stencils.

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Close-up of a laptop on a table, showing a Visio diagram with editing ribbon and pane imageClose-up of a laptop on a table, showing a Visio diagram with editing ribbon and pane
A tablet screen displaying a product launch diagram in Visio

Create professional diagrams quickly

Create network diagrams, flowcharts, maps, and floor plans with refreshed shapes and templates.

Get started easily

Perform common flowcharting activities with ease, thanks to the familiar Office experience.

Collaborate throughout the process

Collaborate however you want. Add comments to a diagram or shape, or chat via Skype for Business directly from Visio.

Communicate one version of the truth

Share diagrams easily with anyone across your organization, from nearly anywhere.


Versatile templates and thousands of shapes

Use one of the many prebuilt templates from Visio and boost productivity with ready-made shapes. See templates in Visio.

Smart shapes

Use visual cues to accurately represent metadata embedded in Visio shapes. As metadata such as dimension changes, the visualization updates automatically.

Ability to import DWG files

Add shapes to imported AutoCAD designs (support up to DWG 2010), and simplify or enhance advanced visualizations with ease.

Fast startup

Get up to speed quickly with Starter Diagrams and contextual tips and tricks that walk you through basic capabilities.

Easy flowcharting experience

Perform common diagramming activities—like changing shapes, auto aligning and positioning, or duplicating and reordering pages—with an intuitive experience that preserves the connections of the shapes.

Intuitive search

Use the Tell Me search bar to quickly find useful features in Visio.

Built-in themes and effects

Customize diagrams using a powerful set of effects and themes, and apply a completely different look to your design in just a few clicks.

In-app commenting

Get or give feedback easily on a diagram or shape.

Integration with Skype for Business

Tooltip with details about Skype for Business license

Work together easily through integrated communication tools like Skype for Business. Use voice, video, or chat within Visio, eliminating the need to switch between apps.

Easy diagram sharing

Easily share diagrams in a browser with anyone across your organization to gain alignment. Create visibility into best practices, policies, or future blueprints to increase compliance and efficiency.

Anywhere access

Consume diagrams and processes on the go, from nearly anywhere, in a browser or iPad® app.

Full fidelity

Use the new web app and iPad app to view diagrams in full fidelity with intuitive pan and zoom.

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