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A smart phone showing a Yammer user commenting about a product plan in a Word document, and a tablet PC showing a new-hire onboarding conversation in Yammer

Communicate openly to build transparency, create stronger communities by sharing best practices, and crowdsource ideas to drive initiatives forward.

Open and dynamic communication across your organization

Yammer helps you improve engagement with everyone in your organization. Enhance communication to build a culture of transparency, keeping everyone from leadership to Firstline Workers informed, aligned, and moving forward. Build communities of interest to bring people together around shared topics, interests, or areas of practice. Gather ideas and feedback from across your network of colleagues to build on the work of others and achieve better outcomes.

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Seamless integration for better results

As part of Office 365, Yammer makes it easy to share, create, and edit content right in the app. Every group gets a shared set of resources to manage documents, showcase content, share notes, and organize responsibilities. Intelligence from the Microsoft Graph enhances your ability to search for people, files, groups and conversations. Easily integrate Yammer across your sites and video broadcasts to keep the conversation going as you move across experiences.

A Yammer user commenting about and sharing two PowerPoint presentations, plus that user’s recent activities and suggested people

Built with trusted security, compliance and control

Yammer gives the enterprise-level security, compliance, and management features you expect from Office 365. Get advanced security technology to protect your network's data. Analytics available through the Office admin center and group insights in Yammer make it easier to understand activity in your network.

Yammer analytics on a tablet PC with a downloadable CSV file of metrics

85% of Fortune 500 companies collaborate with Yammer


“We use corporate activism to improve quality at all levels including a social movement facilitated by Yammer. We’re empowering employees with a new voice to co-create solutions that help save lives.”

Andres Vinther, Chief Quality Officer, Sanofi Pasteur

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