Intelligent Search & Discovery

Unlock creativity with personalized search. Discover people & content in the context of your work.

Search finds you. Across Office, discover new, relevant information and people based on the intelligence of who you work with and content you work on.

People and information come to you

View content relevant to you

Wherever you are working, search is personalized. Bringing you content from across Office 365—from OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange and more. Powered by the Microsoft Graph, search in any application brings you information based on what you’re working on, who you’re working with; always maintaining established permissions.

Search meets you wherever you are

From SharePoint to Delve, from Office apps to Bing for your business, harness the collective knowledge of your organization in every experience. Using the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph, relevant content will surface to keep you up to date and leverage the work of others.

Put the power of intelligent search & discovery to work for you with Office 365