Workplace Analytics

Powerful insights from everyday work in Office 365.

A tablet featuring graphs detailing team collaboration hours in Workplace Analytics.

Use Workplace Analytics to identify collaboration patterns that impact productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement.

Workplace Analytics line graph showing networking and collaboration metrics across internal teams

Get intelligent workplace insights

Tap into data from everyday collaboration in Office 365 without disrupting the way people work. Intelligent metrics and built-in dashboards help you visualize insights and track change over time.

Turn insights into actions that impact your business

Map behaviors to business outcomes to see how collaboration impacts results. Use flexible queries and Power BI to create custom reports and dashboards for faster decision-making.
Workplace Analytics chart and text showing the year-over-year organization-wide cost of low-quality meetings
A tablet displaying Workplace Analytics’ team and level-based data customization features

Security and privacy controls you expect from Office 365

Control data usage and access with flexible privacy controls. Compliance and management features help you secure and protect your data.

Give your teams the tools to master their time

Use data to discover opportunities for change, free up capacity for innovative work, and retain top talent.
A tablet displaying teamwork solution data built using insights from MyAnalytics

Organizations are driving change with Workplace Analytics

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See how Freddie Mac gets intelligent insights and enables transformation with Workplace Analytics

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Learn more about the products

Learn more about the products

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Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Get new insights from everyday work in Office 365 to improve productivity.

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Microsoft MyAnalytics

Looking for personal productivity insights? Work smarter with MyAnalytics.