Microsoft Office Personalized Experience Program

At Microsoft, we know that the best online services are the ones our customers can use to their fullest potential. To personalize your experience, help you get the most value from Office 365, and improve our services, we gather direct customer feedback by conducting usability tests, surveys, focus groups, and other types of field research.

However, many people use Office 365 services, so it is impossible for us to contact most of our customers in person to get their feedback. The Office Personalized Experience Program (OPEP) was created to give our customers the ability to contribute to the design and development of our services and to personalize our service experiences to help you get the most value from Office 365.

OPEP collects information about how our customers use Microsoft programs and about some of the problems they encounter. Microsoft uses this information to personalize your experience, help you get the most value from Office 365, and improve our software and services. Participation in the program is voluntary, and the end results are software, service, and customer experience improvements to better meet your needs. To learn more, read the following frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OPEP work?

When you choose to participate in the OPEP, your computer or device automatically sends information to Microsoft about how you use certain products and services. Information from your computer is combined with other OPEP data to help Office 365 solve problems and to personalize your experience, helping you to get the most value from our software and services.

Will OPEP collect information about all products on my computer?

No. OPEP only collects information about Office 365 subscriptions/services.

Will I be contacted if I participate?

Yes. The information that we collect about how you are using our products and services helps us to personalize your experience, so that you get the most value from Office 365. To do so, we may target specific messages to you via e-mail or other marketing channels (display advertising, in-product notifications, etc.) that will help you to realize the full potential of the service. We will do our best to ensure that these messages are timely and relevant, but you have the ability to opt-out of the program or unsubscribe from our e-mail communications at any time.

Note: Microsoft is a member of the Anti-Spam Technical Alliance, an industry group that includes other companies such as AOL, Yahoo, EarthLink, Comcast, and British Telecom. This alliance is actively seeking to reduce unwanted e-mail messages.

More on Office 365 email anti-spam protection.

If I choose to participate, can I opt out later?

Yes. For any released Office 365 service with an option to participate in OPEP, you can choose to start or stop participating at any time. Most programs make OPEP options available from the Help menu, although for some products, you might need to check settings, options, or preferences menus. Some pre-release products that are under development might require participation in OPEP to help ensure the final release of the service improves frequently used features and solves common problems that exist in the pre-release software.

Is the Office Personalized Experience Program spyware?

No. Spyware can collect information or act on your computer without your full knowledge or consent. OPEP does not take actions other than those described above, and you can choose to start or stop participating at any time.

Tip: If you are concerned about spyware, more information and tools for spyware removal are available at the Microsoft safety and security website.

Can I review the information before it is sent to Microsoft?

Unfortunately, the information can't be reviewed for a couple of reasons:

  • The Office Personalized Experience Program was designed to enable millions of customers to participate. To support such a large number of customers sending data, the collected information is recorded so that the Microsoft servers can efficiently process all the data. The nature of this encoding makes it difficult for most customers to review the information.
  • Applications which use OPEP typically send data to Microsoft servers after the application is closed. Rather than displaying a dialog prompting you to review the information when the application is trying to close, the data is sent automatically, without interrupting your work.
For these reasons, the OPEP program limits the type of information that can be collected and how that information can be used.

We recognize that some customers might be uncomfortable allowing the information collected by OPEP to be sent without having an opportunity to review it fully even though the information is governed by the policies outlined in our Microsoft Privacy Statement. If you are uncomfortable with sharing this information, please choose not to participate.

How does Microsoft protect my privacy if I choose to participate?

The OPEP program collects and uses your information to personalize your experience, help you get the most value from Office 365, and improve our services. These uses include providing you with more effective customer service; performing research and analysis aimed at improving our products, services and technologies; and displaying content and marketing messages that are customized to your interests and preferences.

If you choose to participate in OPEP, you can find information about privacy and data collection in the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

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