Calling Plans

Simplify calling with a reliable, cloud-based telephone solution. With a Calling Plan, Office 365 provides a comprehensive phone system that’s managed through your subscription.

Now you can add Calling Plan to your Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription.
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Simplify your systems

Calling Plan brings the benefits of the cloud to your phone system by shifting all of your phone infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365.

Elevate your services

Because Calling Plans are part of Microsoft Office 365, it enables services, security, and support that traditional phone lines can’t match.

Connect your business

With a Calling Plan, you can unify your users’ communications services in Office 365 and integrate calling with business processes for increased productivity.

Calling Plans includes:

Business-ready phone

Get started fast with a cloud service that offers the features you expect from traditional phones, such as number porting, emergency calling, toll-free numbers, and flexible Calling Plans.

Cloud Phone System

Manage a phone system in Office 365 to support call-management features such as hold, forward, transfer, and voicemail.

Managed service

Save the time and money you’d otherwise spend to install and maintain an on-premises telephony infrastructure.

Centralized administration

Use the Office 365 admin portal to acquire numbers, assign numbers, and manage users.

Immediate connectivity

Provision phone numbers for all your Office 365 users within minutes via the Office 365 admin portal.

Any device

Enable telephone calls from any device, including IP phones, Skype room systems, PCs, Mac, and mobile devices.

Search and acquire

Easily request and reserve new phone numbers in major cities where Calling Plans are available.

Built-in security

Protect your business with enhanced security features from encryption and security protocols to physical and operational security.

High availability

Office 365 guarantees 99.9% uptime for your phones lines with built-in redundancy and active load balancing.

Call reporting

Run usage reports to review active users, sessions, client device information, and types of activities.

Identity management

Streamline identity management with phone numbers linked to Azure Active Directory identities.

Pricing for Calling Plans

Comparison of requirements and pricing of Office 365 Calling Plan features within Office 365 E1, E3, and E5
Office 365 Enterprise plans and information on pricing for PSTN calling
Calling Plan Price Tooltip about prices
Total Price Tooltip about total price

Office 365 Enterprise E5

product features and pricing information
No additional requirements

Domestic: {PSTNBizE3Domestic|price}

International: {PSTNBizE3International|price}

Domestic: {PSTNBizE3Domestic|price}

International: {PSTNBizE3International|price}

Office 365 Enterprise E3

product features and pricing information
Phone System ({CloudPBXO365E3|price})

Domestic: {PSTNBizE3Domestic|price}

International: {PSTNBizE3International|price}

Domestic: {PSTNBizE3TotalDomestic|price}

International: {PSTNBizE3TotalInternational|price}

Office 365 Enterprise E1

product features and pricing information
Phone System ({CloudPBXO365E3|price})

Domestic: {PSTNBizE3Domestic|price}

International: {PSTNBizE3International|price}

Domestic: {PSTNBizE3TotalDomestic|price}

International: {PSTNBizE3TotalInternational|price}

Price does not include VAT.

See rates for where you want to call

Get a detailed list of the standard subscription rates for your agreement by country and currency. Communications credits rates are for charges that are not included in your subscription plan. Tooltip with details about taxes, international rates, and rate changes

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You can buy Calling Plan if it is offered for your purchasing program and in your country or region. In addition, using on-premises voice connectivity, you can connect Phone System to your existing telephony infrastructure—such as on-premises SIP trunks offered through your local/regional telco—enabling Phone System to perform call control and call management features.

If you are an Office 365 Enterprise E5 or Phone System customer, you can connect your existing PSTN service provider with Microsoft cloud-based call control. Scenarios are based on whether a customer already has a Skype for Business Server deployed. You can set up a new server pool or use an existing Skype for Business Server deployment to configure it to connect to Phone System functionality that is covered under existing server licensing.

If you don’t have an existing server, you can use a minimal Skype for Business Server deployment through the Cloud Connected Edition that includes four preconfigured Virtual Machines (VMs) deployed on customer-owned Windows Servers. Skype for Business Server roles in VMs are not paid roles and are licensed for use with Phone System.

Office 365 Calling Plan is subject to geographical and channel availability. See countries and regions that are supported for more information.

Calling Plans availability is subject to geographical and channel availability. See Countries and regions that are supported for Skype for Business Online PSTN Services for more information.