PSTN Conferencing

Boost team collaboration with dial-in conferencing options from virtually any device. With PSTN Conferencing, you can consolidate your meeting solutions and reduce complexity while enabling employees to attend meetings by phone wherever they are.

PSTN Conferencing is available as a part of the Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription.

Skype Meeting phone access

Enjoy convenient dial-in access to Skype Meetings, allowing participants to join your meetings from any telephone.

Rich calling features

Meeting participants can join Skype Meetings using local dial-in numbers from regions around the world, or have the service call them back on their landline or mobile phone.

Office 365 management

Conveniently manage your Skype communication capabilities from within the Office 365 admin center. PSTN Conferencing works seamlessly with Office 365 and provides you with a single point of administration.

PSTN Conferencing includes:

Tolled dial-in

Join the audio portion of a meeting from virtually anywhere by dialing a PSTN phone number and entering a conference passcode. Simplify your meetings by creating a single phone number for all attendees to use to dial in.


Dial out to other meeting attendees from within a meeting. After joining a meeting, you can transfer your meeting in progress to your phone. Dial-out calls can be domestic or international.

Toll-free dial in

Join a meeting by dialing a toll-free number and entering a PIN. Available in all markets.


Requirements for PSTN Conferencing

If you have Office 365 Enterprise E5, PSTN Conferencing is included.

If you have Office 365 Enterprise E1 or E3, PSTN Conferencing is available for a {PSTNBizE3ConferencingAddOn|price}/month add-on fee. Tooltip about taxes and service usage limits

Price does not include VAT.


See rates for where you want to call.

Consumption rates outside of baseline rates Tooltip with details about taxes, international rates, and rate changes

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Tolled dial-in conferencing and domestic dial-out conferencing services are both included in the PSTN Conferencing service plan. Each user is assigned a PSTN Conferencing number based on where that user has been assigned a licensing location as an Office 365 user. A participant can dial out to other participants as a domestic call based on the country of that dial-out location. The user will have a link to around 60 dial-in numbers from countries across the globe, which can be used by participants in those countries to join the call without international charges.

Although there are no distinct service limits associated with tolled dial-in and domestic dial-out conferencing, Microsoft monitors the service for fraud or abuse and reserves the right to limit use in cases where the service quality might be compromised.

Between December 1, 2015 and September 1, 2016, there is an introductory offer period during which international dial-out capabilities are available to customers in all PSTN Conferencing sell-to countries. These customers can use international dial-out conferencing to any tolled number residing in any one of the PSTN Conferencing sell-to countries.

Enabling PSTN Consumption allows users to dial in to conferences toll free, and conference organizers can dial out internationally after September 1, 2016. Check rates for toll free dial-in and for international dial-out.

Companies with users located in various countries around the world can purchase PSTN services in a sell-to country (for example, the United States) and then provision their users anywhere in the world with those licenses where Microsoft offers dial-in conferencing numbers.

Sell to countries are countries where PSTN Conferencing is available for sale. See the Countries and regions that are supported for Skype for Business Online PSTN Services article.