Data visualization

Get real-world operational insights with Visio

Bring your ideas to life by creating compelling diagrams connected to data. Gain business insights using Visio with Power BI and Excel.

Bring your ideas to life with data linking

Quickly overlay data1 on top of an IT network, manufacturing plant, or complex process to gain meaningful operational insights. As your data refreshes, your data visualizations update automatically.
Surface tablet displaying data linking in Visio
A Surface tablet displaying a custom data visualization in Visio

Customize visualizations easily

Surface data patterns the way you want. Choose from default data graphics for icons, colors, and text, or easily create your own visualization by configuring Visio smart shapes.

Communicate one version of truth

Easily and securely share data-linked diagrams across your organization. Anyone can view these diagrams in Visio Online, helping keep everyone in sync.
A Surface tablet displaying an operations diagram being shared in Visio Online
A Surface tablet running a .gif of Visio Visual in Power BI

Gain unified data insights with Visio Visual in Power BI

Embed Visio diagrams directly into Power BI reports with Visio Visual. 2Visio and Power BI work together to give you new perspectives on your data. Learn how to get the Visio Visual here.

Convert Excel process data into Visio diagrams

Use the wizard to easily convert Excel data into Visio flowcharts with Data Visualizer. 3Changes reflect bidirectionally, so updates to your Excel data appear in the associated diagram, and vice versa.
A representative visual of Data Visualizer

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1. Visio currently supports multiple data sources, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel Services, Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, and Microsoft SharePoint Lists and Business Connectivity Services.
2. Anyone can view a Visio Visual report, but only Visio Online subscribers can edit visuals. Power BI sold separately.
3. Data Visualizer is only available for Visio Online Plan 2 subscribers. Microsoft Excel sold separately.