Start diagramming quickly

Start diagramming from anywhere in just a few clicks right in your favorite browser – there’s nothing to install. The intuitive getting started experience provides a select set of pre-crafted starter diagrams and contextual tips and tricks to help you complete diagrams quickly.

a Visio Online pre-crafted starter diagram

Create impactful diagrams

Unlock your creativity with ready-to-use visuals and themes. Visualize information using diagrams, graphs, matrices, hierarchies, and flowcharts. Visio Online comes stocked with vibrant icons, shapes, symbols, and colors to incorporate into your diagrams – helping make your visual data representation instantly understandable.

a Visio Online diagram of the Ansoff matrix for product market expansion

Share and collaborate with others

Visualize together to streamline team efforts. Sharing is easy with storage provided. Share and work with others on diagrams – all in a web browser. Simply and securely share a web-based link, attachment, image, or PDF. Review and add comments directly in your browser. Store your diagrams securely with 2 GB of cloud storage from OneDrive.

a link to a Visio Online diagram

Learn how Visio works for everyone

Process owner

Create your diagram in Visio and save it to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. Share the diagram as a link with stakeholders – no more copy and paste.

Business stakeholders

Open and review the process owner’s diagram in a web browser – no need to have the Visio client installed. Provide feedback to the process owner via Skype for Business.

Process owner

Review feedback from stakeholders. Easily transit the diagram to Visio to incorporate changes and share it with your wider team.


After stakeholder changes are reviewed and incorporated, view the most up-to-date diagram in high fidelity from nearly anywhere.

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