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The Yammer collaboration platform allows you to integrate business applications via Open Graph. Bring people, conversations, and data from your favorite business apps into Yammer, making information discoverable, meaningful, and actionable.

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Make your activity accessible

Yammer integrates activity streams from your other business apps to bring people, conversations, and work-related content into a single location. By consolidating all of this data, Yammer can connect each individual person with the information they care about most.


Every day, different tasks are completed within different business applications.

However, business systems don’t always talk to each other, so information often stays siloed within individual applications.

The Yammer platform brings all these activities together in a single location, allowing users to see a full picture of what’s happening across their organization.

Yammer everywhere

Bring Yammer’s functionality to the business applications your employees already use. Yammer’s embeddable plug-ins allow employees to use a single identity and access the same conversations and tools across different apps. Through Yammer Developer’s Center, you can access the code you need to bring your team together and work better.

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Yammer Connect login

Add the Login button to business applications to easily register and gain access with a Yammer account. Employees can use a single identity across applications and bring profile information to anyone.


Embeddable feeds

Stay updated on real-time activities from page edits to updates made in other business applications with the Yammer integrated ticker, or easily embed any Yammer feed to your existing business applications with a simple code snippet.


Like & Follow buttons

With Like and Follow buttons, employees can engage with objects outside of Yammer. When an object is liked, an update is shared to Yammer. When an object is followed, Yammer understands that it’s relevant to the employee and surfaces new activity and related content.


Dedicated pages

Whether it’s a SharePoint file, Zendesk ticket, or Salesforce record, every object shared to Yammer has a dedicated page that employees can follow and discuss.


Yammer App Directory

Have all your existing apps in a single location to boost engagement and empower employees to find other useful apps. With the App Directory, employees can browse and connect business apps with Yammer on their own.