Office 2013 Language Options

Office provides simple and cost-effective solutions for multilingual individuals, families, and small businesses.  Simply follow the links below to learn what options are available to you. Additional languages will become available in the future, so check back soon if you don’t see the language you want now.

Language Pack

You can buy a Language Pack, which includes:

  • Display in selected language
  • Help in selected language
  • Proofing tools for selected language

If you purchased an Office 365 subscription you can use it to install Office in different languages instead of buying a Language Pack. You may already have these tools if you have Office 2013 in any language.

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Changing the ScreenTip language will change the names of your ScreenTips – such as buttons, menus and dialogs – into another language by pointing to them with the mouse. Download it for free here.


Proofing Tool

You can download Proofing Tool packs for additional languages. Each pack will include a spell checker and, depending on the language, additional proofing tools such as a grammar checker, thesaurus, or hyphenation. Note that this is not a full language pack.