Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers

Firstline Workers drive business. Teams is the hub for teamwork that connects them.

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Empower your mobile workforce

More than two billion Firstline Workers are at the forefront of industry. Empower them with Teams.

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Equip and train employees

Provide access to training materials and resources from mobile devices.

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Foster culture and community

Celebrate your team to increase employee engagement.

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Minimize risk

Protect data with advanced messaging and security features.

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Keep your team connected while on the go

Enable team communication with 1:1 and group chat, organized channels, and calling.

Allow remote access to documents anytime, anywhere

Give your employees access to resources such as handbooks, policies, and on-demand video content from Teams.

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Customize and extend your Teams experience

Use 1st party apps such as Shifts to build integrations with your workforce management system and provide access to line of business apps for a customized Teams experience.

Manage your workforce with role-based access

Apply a prepacked or custom policy to enable your Firstline workforce to have access to the experiences they need for their role.

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"We’re partnering with Microsoft to reinvent the employee experience, to build a modern and secure workspace and to empower every employee, from the boardroom to the Firstline Worker, to achieve more every day."

-Brandon Antin, Vice President of Social Responsibility and Innovation, VCA

Firstline Worker resources

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Manage Shifts

Learn how to roll out Shifts to your Firstline workforce.

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Move from StaffHub to Teams

Move StaffHub to Shifts.

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Admin Guidance

Receive the admin guidance you need to set up your Firstline Workers in Teams.


Firstline Workers are typically service- and task-oriented workers who work in shifts. For example, a sales associate at a retail store or a factory worker on a manufacturing floor. Firstline Workers drive business.

The Firstline Worker capabilities are available in all commercial SKUs. These capabilities are not available in the free version of Teams or Government SKUs.

Effective October 2019, Microsoft StaffHub will be retired. StaffHub capabilities are being built into Teams. Learn more

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