Modern tools to connect and engage your Firstline Workers

Empower Firstline Workers with the right tools to meet the demands of today, tomorrow, and the future.
Firstline Workers, the lifeblood of manufacturing, retail, healthcare, government, and many other sectors, are the first in line to engage with customers, represent a company’s brand, and see products and services in action. Office 365 delivers the right tools and technologies to maximize the impact of these strategically vital workers. Office 365 makes it easy for them to communicate, manage their work lives, train to improve their skills, and share ideas and knowledge.


Spend more time with customers and less time creating and managing schedules and tasks.

Provide smarter, simpler tools to your Firstline Workers to view schedules, swap shifts, request time off, manage tasks and simplify their workday.

Connect your stores and workforce to the information they need to do their best work, such as promotional offerings, corporate announcements, and real-time sales trends and insights.

Help and prepare new hires by delivering targeted training materials to them and seamlessly scheduling their onboarding activities.

Protect customer information, track and control data access, and centrally manage your employees’ digital identities.


Enhance the guest experience by providing your hospitality workers with simple tools to stay connected and up to date with their schedules and guest activities.

Streamline operations and property management by making it easy for your managers to assign tasks, dispatch work orders, and manage the daily upkeep needed to exceed guest expectations.

Communicate details and connect your organization to ensure that even at the busiest times, your workforce stays engaged and the guest experience remains their top priority.

Give your properties the tools and capabilities to quickly train and prepare seasonal employees and new hires.

Provide digital identities across your organization and control and manage access to guest, property, and corporate information.


Simplify schedule management and skills alignment in even the most complex manufacturing systems and operations with easy tools to create and manage Firstline Worker shifts and tasks.

Provide simple forms, lists, and guidance to reduce variance and focus efforts on the details and work that matter most.

Increase efficiency and keep your organization up to date with coordinated communications, floor alerts, and best-practice sharing.

Deliver instructional videos and safety manuals and communicate new policies and work orders to keep your workers current and compliant.

Manage access, control data availability, and centralize creating and managing the digital identities of your workforce.

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"What’s really exciting about Office 365 is that when we deliver these familiar tools to the field, employees just run with them."

- Carl Dawson, IT Director, Marks & Spencer


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