Mobile productivity drives growth for Scott Photography

In an era of filtered perfection and disappearing selfies, Louis Scott has made a living by photographing the authentic, “raw” versions of his subjects. The mission of Scott Photography (located in San Antonio, TX) is to help individuals and businesses grow through the art of portraiture.

Since founding Scott Photography in 2012, Scott has depended on mobile productivity to grow his business—managing processes while in the studio, and staying connected on the go: “I send out a lot of contracts and proposals—things that help us get more work and keep our business afloat.” So whether it’s getting a corporate client scheduled to take employee headshots, or delivering documents to finalize a contract, mobile productivity and the ability to work across devices is important to Scott’s success.

Leveraging products on the go

Being able to access and create documents from his phone is not only a time-saver, but a way to capture business opportunities whenever and wherever they arise. “I recall a time in which I needed to send a very important proposal to one of my clients, and thought I’d have to return to my studio to reach a desktop,” Scott says. “But I was surprised at how simple it was to create and send a proposal right from my mobile device. When your “office” could be any number of different places on any given day, it’s essential that you have access to what you need, from wherever you are.


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Identifying help resources before something goes wrong

Glitches can happen and questions can arise unexpectedly, so it’s important to have your go-to support resources lined up and easy to access when you need them. “Whenever I’m on the road, I need products and services that are as mobile as I am,” Scott explains. Finding these products and services before issues come up will make solving problems faster, and less stressful when you’re crunched on time, as SMBs often are.

Finding versatility in programs makes for seamless processes

Scott uses one program for everything from daily workflow for forms, proposals, and direct marketing, to jotting down quick notes. This keeps process tight, as it minimizes the time it takes to shift mental gears when transitioning between different programs. And when multiple products are necessary, finding ones that are compatible with each other plays a big part in boosting Scott’s mobile productivity.

To capture a subject’s personality on film, photographers must be flexible, trust their vision, and keep their finger on the button. And they need to be able to do all that while staying connected to everyday business tasks. Scott Photography finds the best programs and apps that allow for mobile productivity, so he can always get the shot.

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