Track and grow your customer relationships

Outlook Customer Manager provides a simple, smart customer management solution for your small business—right within Outlook.

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Introducing Outlook Customer Manager

Get a complete view of interactions with each customer, track tasks and deals in progress, and see timely reminders to stay on top of customer relationships—all within your inbox.

One view on customer information

Spend less time managing data and more time with customers. Outlook Customer Manager automatically organizes information, including emails, meetings, calls, notes, tasks, deals, and deadlines, in one place.

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Focus on what counts

No more losing customer emails and tasks in your inbox. Timely reminders and a unified list of your most important contacts and deals help to ensure what matters is top of mind.

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Stay on the same page

Share customer information with your whole team so that customers have a consistent experience no matter who they talk to.

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Get started quickly

With Outlook Customer Manager you don’t have to install new software or spend days training your team. And because your data stays in Office 365, you don’t waste valuable time setting up connectors to other software or services or managing separate products.

IPhone showing a list of contacts in the Outlook Customer Manager mobile app

Access it on the go

Work doesn’t always happen in front of a desk. The Outlook Customer Manager mobile app for iOS gives you quick access to customer information when you're on the go or want to capture new information quickly.

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