SharePoint partners

SharePoint has a large and growing number of users that provide a significant opportunity to grow your business. Additionally, we have consolidated the process for becoming a Microsoft SharePoint partner. Whether you are a system integrator or an independent software vendor, you can broaden your business to develop, deploy, and support solutions built using a single, extensible platform for intranet, extranet, and Internet solutions, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Partner opportunities

For system integrators

SharePoint allows your business to build business solutions that provide insights, improve decisions, and increase organizational agility. Help your customers to think beyond initial collaboration deployments and realize the full business value of their SharePoint investment, including social, Enterprise Search, and surfacing line-of-business data in SharePoint.

For independent software vendors

More than ever before, SharePoint is now a hub for developers to build and deploy modern apps and for designers to build eye-catching websites. And because it’s built in the cloud, IT Pros can manage cost and meet the growing demands of compliance. Expand your solutions even further on the SharePoint platform with capabilities such as Business Intelligence, advanced visualization, project portfolio, and business process management.

SharePoint competencies

SharePoint competencies are now simplified! The new Collaboration and Content competency merges the previous competencies: Portals and Collaboration, Content Management, and Search. Learn about this new competency and read about the benefits of becoming a SharePoint Partner and the requirements associated with attaining the Silver and Gold levels of the Collaboration and Content competency.