Advice to help prevent data breaches at your company

A data breach can be your worst nightmare. Not only could it be disastrous for your company’s brand, it could lead to significant revenue losses and regulatory fines.

Watch the latest Modern Workplace episode, “Cyber Intelligence: Help Prevent a Breach,” to get advice on how to best approach cyber security at your company from two chief information security officers (CISO)—Vanessa Pegueros, CISO at DocuSign, and Mike Convertino, CISO at F5 Networks. Learn how these seasoned security executives make decisions on security spending and how they justify security investments to skeptical executives who may not have ever experienced a security breach.


Every company has cyber security risks and needs to be aware of them—but understanding your company’s risk profile is just the beginning. You also need to know what you are trying to protect. As Convertino explains, “The value proposition of the company needs to be the thing that you base your protections and recommendations on.” When you have a clear goal for security, it becomes easier to demonstrate the value of your security investments in tools and talent.

Cyber Intelligence: Help prevent a breach

Look at security through the eyes of a Chief Information Security Officer and learn how your organization can be sure it’s doing all that it can to prevent and minimize your next security breach.

You’ll also see a preview of the protection available from Office 365 Threat Intelligence, which lets you monitor and protect against risks before they hit your organization. Using Microsoft’s global presence to provide insight into real-time security threats, Threat Intelligence enables you to quickly and effectively set up alerts, dynamic policies and security solutions for potential threats.

Watch the Modern Workplace episode, Cyber Intelligence: Help Prevent a Breach to learn more.

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