Find and tell a compelling story in your data

Today, businesses are collecting more data than ever before. But data without insight is meaningless, and insight without action is pointless. The biggest question organizations face is how to make sense of it all—how to sift through everything to find meaningful information that helps to tell a story about customers, product insights or industry trends that can help drive a business forward.

On the latest episode of Modern Workplace, Susan Etlinger, industry analyst at the Altimeter Group, and Gabi Steele, data visualization scientist at The Washington Post, discuss the challenges businesses face in turning data into actionable insights and the best course of action for getting started. They talk about key issues, including:

  • Building the right teams and asking the right questions.
  • Defining a vision and hypothesis but being ready to pivot based on emerging data patterns.
  • Choosing the right vehicle for the right communication (interactive visualizations versus static infographics).

Machine Learning: How Technology Advances Human Intelligence

Learn how advances in artificial intelligence will impact analytics and the demand for human interaction.

  • Making data accessible to more audiences through powerful storytelling.
  • Using tools that most organizations already own to do more with existing data.

You’ll also see a demonstration of Power BI, Excel and Word features that help improve data visualization to gain insights. The new Office Tap feature shows how those visualizations can be easily inserted into reports.

Register and watch the latest Modern Workplace episode, "Visualize: The power of data storytelling,” to learn more.

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