Lieser Skaff Alexander

Boutique business and real estate law firm supports expansion with comprehensive cloud-based platform

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Lieser Skaff Alexander is a growing law firm. Recently, as the firm opened new offices, its rapid expansion had begun to highlight some inefficiencies in its technological infrastructure. It decided to standardize with a comprehensive set of cloud-based tools for communication and collaboration: Microsoft 365. The result has been a definitive upswing in efficiency and productivity, with the crucial added benefit of data loss prevention.

Lieser Skaff Alexander is a boutique Florida business and real estate law firm with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to private individuals. Currently operating with 11 staff members, the firm specializes in delivering the same top-quality legal representation you might expect from any large firm, while also focusing on building lasting relationships with its clients.

Combining the highest caliber legal services with a unique personal touch has paid dividends for the firm, as Lieser Skaff Alexander has recently experienced substantial growth. The firm owns its Tampa office building and recently opened its third location in the state of Florida.

While growth of this sort is the goal for almost any business, the addition of new locations often shines a light on inefficiencies in a company’s existing infrastructure. Ad-hoc solutions, including the operation of multiple email or calendaring clients, suddenly carry increased risk of data loss and missed communications. Operating out of multiple office locations means staff can no longer rely on chatting in hallways or hopping into impromptu meetings to keep themselves on the same page.

As expansion drove the conversation of modernization at Lieser Skaff Alexander, another area that became very important was securing against data loss, resulting from either operator error or the activity of malicious actors. “Losing one email could potentially be no big deal, but it could also wreak havoc in a case,” points out Danielle Sonntag, Office Manager at Lieser Skaff Alexander. No solution the company adopted would be complete without safeguards against the accidental deletion of these vital documents.

Email-centric modernization

The plan to modernize at Lieser Skaff Alexander was the brainchild of Jeff Lieser, Co-founder and Partner at Lieser Skaff Alexander. Lieser had seen the hiccups caused by staff working from different email systems. ”At that time, some in our office were using other platforms they felt suited them: Outlook, Gmail, and Mac Mail,” recalls Sonntag.

Due to the incredibly high number of incoming emails fielded at Lieser Skaff Alexander each day, staff needed to know when an email had been marked important. Lawyers needed the ability to sort unread emails into folders while working offline. And the firm needed tech support should a problem arise while migrating accounts to new domains.

Based on the level of tech support the firm required, Lieser Skaff Alexander considered Microsoft Outlook the most professional. “I was using Mac Mail, but I find the Outlook interface much more detailed and user friendly. I think it’s an elevated platform,” notes Ghada Skaff, Partner at Lieser Skaff Alexander.

To truly unify its platform, Lieser Skaff Alexander needed a single, professional email client, cloud-based file storage, and technical support during the transition. Near the end of 2017, Lieser Skaff Alexander contacted its local Microsoft Store in Tampa and began the transition to Microsoft 365.

We’ve just been growing at such an exponential speed, and with Microsoft 365, we really have the opportunity to continue that growth.
Danielle Sonntag, Office Manager Lieser Skaff Alexander


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