Top Vietnamese dairy company plans to go global by transforming IT environment

Established in 1976, the Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) has rapidly become a leading producer of dairy products, as well as one of the nation’s top companies. While it is well on its way towards achieving its strategic objectives of reaching USD 3 billion in annual revenue and becoming one of the 50 largest dairy companies in the world —Vinamilk needed secure, mobile, and robust IT solutions to attain its business goals.

Recognizing the IT barriers to global business growth

Vinamilk’s leadership team identified key organizational areas that needed to be improved to realize the company’s business growth goals. These areas were strategic human resource management, sustainable development management, and the planning and implementation of knowledge, innovation, and change management. Fortunately for Vinamilk, the necessary improvements were exceedingly possible via the right IT infrastructure solutions. “The company’s management board made it the IT Department’s mission to uncover the most suitable IT solutions for the company,” relates Mr. Nguyen Nghi, Vinamilk’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). “We took the initiative to evaluate the software our company’s employees use, and the solutions they need to perform their work tasks with greater ease and efficiency.”

Driven by the management board’s vision to find the most suitable digital solutions, Vinamilk’s IT Department carefully assessed the company’s hardware, software, and services. They discovered that Vinamilk’s existing IT infrastructure was not only inadequate, but lacked several features vital to supporting its business as it transitioned into a global dairy company. The IT Department pinpointed three key areas for improvement: data security and storage, business analytics, and collaboration.

Transforming the IT environment to go global

Thankfully, the company didn’t have to look far for the right solutions. “Vinamilk has been deploying Microsoft’s products and services since 2005 when we adopted Active Directory (AD) and Exchange for our back-end systems,” says Mr. Nghi. “We see our cooperation with Microsoft as a part of our long-term business strategy to become one of the world’s top dairy companies.” Working closely with Microsoft, Vinamilk’s IT Department evaluated the latest technologies including cloud-based solutions, efficient back-end systems, and a number of proactive security components. And with the help of SoftwareONE Vietnam Co. Ltd., Vinamilk adopted a comprehensive suite of solutions — Microsoft 365 Enterprise, which includes the power of Office 365, Enterprise Mobility+Security, and Windows 10 Enterprise.

For data security and storage, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Exchange Online, OneDrive, and Power BI as part of the Office 365 suite, were selected in conjunction with EMS to provide Vinamilk’s staff with maximum security and storage both in and out of the office. For business analytics, Microsoft Power BI’s data visualization tools were selected to analyze big data and discover market trends faster and more effectively. For better collaboration, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and Yammer were selected to allow employees to work and communicate seamlessly, even when mobile.

Vinamilk also needed the right support to ensure that its IT infrastructure was working efficiently and effectively. With Microsoft Premier Support for direct assistance from subject matter engineers, the company could receive help for any technical issues that might arise. “We plan to maximize every feature Microsoft has to offer across our subsidiaries and foreign branches,” says Mr. Nghi. “We hope that Microsoft will provide us further support in building our IT systems.”

The right IT solutions for global business growth

Within 90 days of deployment, the IT Department realized the transformative impact Microsoft’s solutions had on its IT environment — greatly improving Vinamilk’s security, data storage, business analytics, and collaboration.

Enhanced data security, storage, and analytics

With the implementation of Office 365 E5 and EMS, Vinamilk benefitted from a drastic improvement in email storage capacity, cloud-based documentation storage, and cyber security. “Microsoft delivered tremendous benefits such as unlimited email volume with Exchange Online, 1 TB storage per user with cloud-based OneDrive, and security with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP),” states Mr. Nghi. Office 365 ATP and EMS also proved to be a very cost-effective security solution for email and abroad, as it saved the company up to 80% in costs compared to other leading competitors. And for business analytics, Office 365 Power BI, Microsoft’s industry-leading analytics platform, enabled Vinamilk to go beyond manually creating hundreds of reports with Microsoft Excel and Access. The company can now visualize and publish business data on convenient dashboards that enable Vinamilk to analyze data trends faster than ever before.

Greater mobility and collaboration

Prior to the adoption of Office 365 Pro Plus, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and Yammer, Vinamilk’s employees could access their email out of the office but lacked a robust platform for internal collaboration. However, with tools like SharePoint Online, Vinamilk now has the cloud-based eOffice solution it needs to go paperless and manage tasks and business processes in a seamless way. In addition, collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Yammer enabled the company to build a stronger corporate culture, improve collaboration between departments, and empower employees to work and collaborate between departments remotely.

Improved uptime and business support

Maintaining a high level of uptime is another key IT area that Microsoft has improved with its 99.99% service uptime promise with Microsoft Azure. “One of the most important IT factors is the continuity of the system, and Microsoft enables 99.9% uptime,” relates Mr. Nghi. “This is dependent on local infrastructure, which is still undergoing development.” In addition, Vinamilk also has peace of mind knowing it has the support it needs to maintain its IT infrastructure with Microsoft Premier Support — with access to 24/7 problem resolution support, service delivery management, and access to IT training.



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