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Confirm that Office is technically the right decision. On this page, find details about:

  • Plans and pricing
  • Programs from Microsoft that help you through the product lifecycle
  • Security, privacy, compliance, and operations
  • Customer stories by industry, company size, and region
  • Office 365 Network community, so you can consult existing customers
  • And more information that supports your decision-making process
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Did you know? Office 365 Enterprise E5 has recently launched with new or enhanced capabilities like conferencing, video, and sharing, live data monitoring, in-depth analysis, and increased privacy, security, and user controls. Learn more.

1-300 users

Small and midsize business plans

Run your business more easily with Office 365. Get everything you need to get work done anytime, anywhere. Specific plans include business-class email, online storage, file sync and sharing, and Office productivity applications.

300+ users

Enterprise business plans

Specific plans include enterprise calling capabilities, business-class email, online storage, file sync and sharing, advanced security and compliance capabilities, and Office productivity applications.


Office 365 business scenarios

Discover Office 365 usage scenarios that inspire people to work in new ways using Office 365, along with awareness & training kits to get everyone onboard faster.

Browse through this booklet to discover how Office 365 can help you and your team do more together. Download the Office 365 Catalog.

Get it done from anywhere

PC, Mac, tablet, phone? People work across a variety of devices from different locations and all need a consistent, clean, and fast experience. Office 365 gives people access to everything they need to get the job done from anywhere. Files and settings are synced from one device to the next, creating freedom and reliability for your team.

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Me and my documents

Office 365 Office apps help you stay productive and act on inspiration when and where you need it. You'll get the familiar Office experience on the devices you use the most to create with confidence.

Start the tutorial
Work together seamlessly

Do your best work together with Office 365: you have anywhere access to files through OneDrive for Business and Office delivers the tools you need to get work done, wherever you like to work.

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Get Office on up to 5 devices

By using their favorite device, everyone can edit or share files from a phone or collaborate from a tablet. Office 365 gives you everything you need with a consistent experience across devices.

Work together seamlessly

Don't miss a beat when you create documents, edit, and collaborate with others in real time. Your team stays in sync and you'll get things done faster than ever.

Make work shine

You will love the ability to create polished documents, present professionally, get valuable insight from your data, and work together with ease. Office 365 is your familiar Office, only better.

Free your teams to work anywhere

Embrace the freedom to live life and work the way that's best for both teams and individuals. Today's business users want more intuitive technology, uninterrupted services, and the freedom to work when and where they need to. Office 365 helps take location out of the equation so that your employees can live life on their terms.

Connected people are productive people

Office 365 keeps people connected to one another, and to documents and data. Intuitive tools for online meetings, file storage and sharing, and team collaboration make it easy to connect and collaborate with colleagues whenever, wherever.

  1. Organize periodic training sessions to teach your employees the best practices for using email folders, groups and message filtering.
  2. Demonstrate how to easily schedule and access a Skype for Business online meeting using Outlook calendar.
  3. Encourage coworkers to share their calendars within teams to keep better track of everyone's availability and minimize scheduling conflicts.


Giving your employees the freedom to work when and where they need to—on their favorite devices—can increase productivity, simplify team collaboration, and enhance their work-life balance. With Office 365, anything you can do in the office, you can now do on the go.

Programs and services

List of case studies on a computer screen, go to list of Office 365 customer stories

Customer Evidence

How other businesses use Office 365

Find organizations like yours in Customer stories to see how they use Office 365 to enhance their business productivity. You can sort and filter to find solutions that match your needs.

Find organizations like yours
Woman’s face with ‘How do we meet your specific regulatory needs’, learn about the Office 365 Trust Center

Security and Compliance

Security, privacy, and compliance initiatives

The core tenets of our approach to earning and maintaining your trust are: built-in security, privacy by design, continuous compliance, and transparent operations.

Learn more about the Office 365 Trust Center
A cloud with Office 365 network depicting connections to other Office users, join the discussion on the Office 365 external network on Yammer


Connect with current customers

Join the Office 365 Network discussion to speak with technical professionals worldwide who already use Office 365. Learn from their experience and see how Office 365 can be the technical and business solution for you.

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Detailed resources and related programs

A PC screen on a desk, review the Office 365 system requirements


System requirements

Before you install or use any Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2016 product, we recommend that you verify that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements for the product.

Review the system requirements
A person using a pen on a tablet, learn about Office 365 business-class mobile apps


Mobile apps

Get anywhere access across devices—plus the security and management capabilities that your business needs. With Office 365 for business you can securely store and share files, control access, and protect your data.

Find out about business-class mobile apps
A depiction of file sharing using Office apps, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint, learn about file sharing in Office 365 on the Office support site


File sharing

One of the best ways to set up file storage and sharing for your business is to use OneDrive for Business and an Office 365 team site together.

Learn more about file sharing
Two men speaking in a video, watch an in-page video from Microsoft Mechanics about Office on Windows 10


Office Mobile on Windows 10

This show takes a look at Office Mobile for Windows 10 on tablets. Ben Walters joins Jeremy Chapman to demonstrate the new, touch-optimized Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Watch the video
Microsoft Mechanics logo, go to a list of Microsoft Mechanics videos about Office 365

IT Essentials

Microsoft Mechanics

Office Mechanics has produced a series of do-it-yourself, how-to videos for anyone performing an IT role for Office 365 or Office 2016.

View the deployment playlist
Three people looking at something together, Go to the Office 365 Partner Showcase

Information Hub

Partner Showcase

Partners are innovating solutions on the Office platform to address business scenarios, workflows, and industry-specific needs.

See the partner solutions
Roadmap showing a route, view the Office update release schedule on the Office 365 Roadmap

IT Essentials

Office 365 Roadmap

The Office 365 Roadmap lists updates that are currently planned for applicable subscribers. Stages are listed from "In development" to "Rolling out" to "Launched."

View the update release schedule
Office blogs logo, read about Office 365 on the Office blog

IT Essentials

Office Blogs—for IT

Office blog posts span topics from new product releases and features to customer stories to training and development. Catch up on all the newest technical information at Office Blogs.

Read blog posts
Matter Center for Office 365 information page, go to the Matter Center for Office 365

Information Hub

Matter Center for Office 365

Matter Center makes it easier to organize files by matter, find documents, and collaborate on work product without ever leaving Microsoft Word or Outlook.

Matter Center for Office 365

Frequently Asked Questions

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You don't need to install anything in order to use Office 365. To help you easily connect your desktop version of the latest version of Office, Office 2013, Office 2010, or Office 2007 to Office 365, Microsoft provides Office 365 customers an installable piece of software—called “Office Desktop Setup”—at no charge.

Office Desktop Setup provides many benefits, including:

  • Automatically detecting necessary updates.
  • Installing updates and components upon approval or silently from a command line.
  • Automatically configuring Outlook and Microsoft Skype for Business for use with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Uninstalling itself from the client computer after running.

You can find and install Office Desktop Setup in your Office 365 administration center. If your plan includes a subscription to Office, you will also be able to install that directly from the Office 365 administration center.

Office 365 Setup provides step-by-step guidance. In just a few quick steps you can sign up for Office 365, set up your organization's domain name and add user accounts, install Office, and move your existing email to Office 365.

You can pay with all major credit cards, and your subscription amount will appear on your credit card statement. For Office 365 Enterprise, Office 365 Business, and standalone plans, you have the option to receive an invoice and, depending on your choice of services, you will be billed monthly or annually. You receive an email message when your invoice is ready to be viewed and, if a purchase order (PO) number is entered when you buy your subscription, that number is included in your invoice.

Yes, discounts are available for Office 365 enterprise agreement customers (typically 250+ licenses) who want to purchase through volume licensing. A Microsoft expert can help you explore the purchasing options for large enterprises and help you determine which is best for you. Learn more about volume licensing. Find a Microsoft expert.

Yes. If you need to upgrade, you can transition your account to a different plan. For example, you can upgrade from an Office 365 Business plan to an Office 365 Enterprise plan. In most cases, you can use the Switch plans wizard in your Admin center to upgrade your plan. If your subscription has more than 300 users or if you used a prepaid card to purchase your plan, the Switch plans wizard is not available. Plans that are not eligible for the Switch plans wizard can be upgraded manually. Learn more about upgrading Office 365 plans.

NOTE: When you upgrade your account, your domain name is transferred to your new account, whether you brought your own domain name to the Office 365 account or you set up a domain name with Office 365.