Unleash the potential of your people with Workplace Analytics

Maximize your organization’s time and resources. Workplace Analytics provides rich, actionable insights into your company’s communication and collaboration trends to help you make more effective business decisions.

Workplace Analytics builds on the VoloMetrix capabilities and will be broadly available as part of Office 365 over time.

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Empower decisions with data

Understand how you and your employees spend time—and how your business can be more effective—with targeted analysis that lets you understand organization-wide trends and progress. Role-specific solution templates make it easy to follow progress on top scenarios like enterprise health and sales effectiveness.

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Get real-time, actionable insights

Workplace Analytics uses existing communication and collaboration data, including email and calendar information, so there’s no need to deploy new systems. Establish organizational performance benchmarks and model best practices for your organization—and then measure your progress over time.

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Customize to fit your priorities

Analyst work bench and dashboards let you target specific scenarios and queries and verify the progress of top organizational initiatives. By connecting to your most important business data sources, you can further enhance the relevance of the insights you get from Workplace Analytics. Workplace Analytics is designed to meet the privacy needs of your organization.

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Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Make better decisions, powered by data. Learn more about transforming your organization with Workplace Analytics.

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