Lync-Skype connectivity

Connect to millions of Skype users with Lync-Skype connectivity

Lync-Skype connectivity gives Microsoft Lync users the ability to communicate with hundreds of millions of Skype users worldwide. This enables Lync customers to take advantage of the global reach of Skype to connect with suppliers, customers, and partners—while still relying on the enterprise richness of Lync.


Contacts Lync users add Skype contacts by typing their Skype users' Microsoft account names into Lync's “Add Skype Contact” window (available through “Add a contact not in my organization”). Skype users can likewise add Lync contacts by typing their email addresses into the search bar within Skype and clicking “Add Contact”.
Instant Messaging
Presence Online status availability—Available, Offline, Busy, Away, etc.—will be displayed for both Skype and Lync contacts in a user's contact list within Office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, and SharePoint.
Audio Calling Call Skype or Lync contacts directly from within the Lync or Skype applications for one-on-one voice conversations. The in-call experience appears like a Skype call to the Skype user and a Lync call to the Lync user.
Instant Messaging Carry on one-on-one IM conversations with Lync users from within Skype and vice versa and maintain a transcript of those conversations in your conversation history (Lync) or via View…Messages (Skype).
Video Calling Conduct everyday business and collaboration "face-to-face" with customers, partners and suppliers who use Skype using HD video based on the industry standard H.264 SVC codec.

System requirements

Lync users connecting to Skype: Lync users can connect to Skype from Lync Online, Lync Server 2010 or Lync Server 2013 using the Lync 2010 or Lync 2013, desktop clients and any of the Lync 2013 mobile clients.

In order to connect their Lync users with the Skype community, Lync administrators first need to enable Lync-Skype connectivity. Information on how to do this can be found here for Lync Server . For Lync Online, connectivity can be turned on from the Lync admin center within the Office 365 portal.

Skype users connecting to Lync: Currently, to achieve connectivity with Lync, customers must install the latest Skype client for Mac or Windows. Skype customers will also need to sign in with a Microsoft account. If they don't have a Microsoft account, it's easy to create one . Customers can merge their existing Skype account with their Microsoft account for single sign-on across a variety of applications and services.

Mobile clients for Lync
Desktop clients for Skype