Microsoft StaffHub

A purpose-built app for the Firstline Workforce in Office 365

The StaffHub app showing tasks on a smart phone and a tablet computer
StaffHub capabilities are now in Microsoft Teams.

a desktop showing a schedule and a mobile phone showing the task screen with tasks assigned and completed

Schedule & task management

Easily create and manage schedules on the go, and stay informed when changes are made. Quickly assign and complete tasks to address customer and business needs in the moment.

Communication & community

Create spaces for meaningful conversation where workers can share ideas, learn from one another, and gain insight into larger, organizational initiatives.
a mobile phone that shows a StaffHub chat next to a mobile phone that shows a corporate announcement in StaffHub
a desktop and a mobile phone that both show the same employee handbook

Training and onboarding

Deliver employee resources and training content that workers need to gain the skills and confidence they need to do their best work.

Identity and access management

Quickly create and assign a digital identity with just a phone number. Easily add and remove team members in the application and maintain the enterprise security and IT management control that you expect with Office 365.
a desktop screen that shows how to add a team member with just a phone number
"It has changed completely the relationship we have between management and the staff, and it helps us concentrate on what is important."

- Dominique Grandjonc, General Manager, Novotel, Paris