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14-year-old business owner Mikala uses PowerPoint to teach other kids about entrepreneurship and share her passion for saving the bees.

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Designing slides has never been easier

Create well-designed, impactful slides with the help of Designer and Ideas in PowerPoint.

3D isn't just for the movies

Now you can easily insert 3D objects and embedded animations directly into PowerPoint decks from your own files or a library of content.

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Interact naturally using voice, touch, and ink

Easily ink onto a slide, then convert handwritten notes into text and make hand-drawn shapes perfect in seconds.

Nail your next presentation

With Presenter Coach, practice your speech and get recommendations on pacing, word choice, and more through the power of AI.

Mikala standing and talking to a vendor while holding a Surface Pro 6 in Tablet Mode
Mikala seated at a table and listening to her mother while they both look at PowerPoint on a Surface Studio 2

Be on the same page

Always know where you are in the editing process. With the while you are away feature, track recent changes made by others in your decks.

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See how the fashion entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger uses PowerPoint as her ultimate tool to communicate with impact.

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Collaborate on shared projects

Get commonly used Office features and real-time co-authoring capabilities through your browser.

Jumpstart your design

Show your style and professionalism with templates, plus save time. Browse PowerPoint templates in over 40 categories.

Connect with experts

See what’s new and get classic tips and editors' tricks to help you create, edit, and polish presentations like a pro.

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Host large-scale virtual presentations?

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Microsoft PowerPoint with an Office 365 subscription is the latest version of PowerPoint. Previous versions include PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2007, and PowerPoint 2003.
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