Get started with Office

Already purchased a different version of Office? Follow the instructions below for more information about how to begin using Office on your new PC.
Office 365 plans and Office 2013 suites
Identify your Office package to get started.
1. Go to if your package looks like:
Product Key location


Product Key location
2. Go to if your PC does not have a DVD drive and your package looks like:
Product Key location
3. Go to if you purchased the new Office at the same time as your new PC and your package does not look like the ones above.
You will be asked for your Product Key as part of the next steps.
Microsoft Office 2010
You may have purchased Microsoft Office 2010 in a variety of ways, such as from a retail store or from a web site.
  • Return to the Microsoft Office screen you started from and click Activate. Then enter your 25-character Product Key.
  • For more information on how to begin using Office 2010 on a preloaded PC, go here. Locate your 25-character Product Key on your Office 2010 package.
  • If you purchased Office 2010 from a web site, you may have received your 25-character Product Key by email, or you may need to return to the website where you purchased Office 2010 and log in to retrieve it.
  • If you have a 27 character alpha-numeric PIN instead, please go to
For other Product Key-related questions, please click here.