Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers

Firstline Workers drive business. Teams is the hub for teamwork that connects them.

Two workers talking while looking at a mobile phone.
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People build a relationship with your company, products, services, and brand through Firstline Workers. More than two billion strong, they’re the mobile workforce on the front lines of almost every industry. Empower them with Microsoft Teams.

A mobile phone and tablet showing scheduling capabilities in Microsoft Teams on each screen.

Communicate more effectively

Get your team on the same page with group chat, online meetings, calling, and web conferencing.

Create and review schedules with Shifts

With Shifts, your schedule management tool in Teams, managers can easily plan and create shift schedules, and team members can review schedules and make schedule change requests, all in real time.

A mobile phone and tablet showing scheduling capabilities in Microsoft Teams on each screen.
A mobile phone and tablet showing capabilities in Microsoft Teams on each screen.

Integrate your workforce management system

With Graph APIs for Shifts, available soon you can create integrations that enable seamless access to workforce management systems for managers and employees.

Celebrate your team with Praise

With Praise, your employee recognition tool in Teams, celebrate every success, communicate your appreciation with your team members, and foster greater comradery.
Screen image of a Praise message being composed on a laptop with a badge, note, and recipient. In addition, there is a mobile device screen showing Praise messages.
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"We’re partnering with Microsoft to reinvent the employee experience, to build a modern and secure workspace and to empower every employee, from the boardroom to the Firstline Worker, to achieve more every day."

-Brandon Antin, Vice President of Social Responsibility and Innovation, VCA