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Privacy by design from Office 365

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Kamal Janardhan presents how you own and control your own data.
When you entrust your data to Office 365, you remain the sole owner of that data: you retain the rights, title, and interest in the data you store in Office 365. It’s our policy to not mine your data for advertising purposes or use your data except for purposes consistent with providing you cloud productivity services.
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  • You are the owner of the data; Microsoft is the custodian or processor of your data.
  • It’s your data, so if you ever choose to leave the service, you can take your data with you.
  • We do not mine your data for advertising purposes.
  • We use your data only for purposes consistent with providing you services you pay us for. Microsoft Engineers do not have standing access to any service operation. Learn more about Customer Lockbox for Office 365.
  • We regularly disclose the number of law enforcement requests we receive through our transparency reports.
  • If a government approaches us for access to customer data, we redirect the inquiry to you, the customer, whenever possible. We have challenged and will challenge in court any invalid legal demand that prohibits disclosure of a government request for customer data.
  • Privacy controls enable you to configure who in your organization has access and what they can access.
  • Design elements prevent mingling of your data with that of other organizations using Office 365.
  • Extensive auditing and supervision prevent administrators from getting unauthorized access to your data.

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