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Find the feature you need fast and create documents more easily with built-in automated design and research tools.

A laptop displaying a Word document and Researcher

Built-in research assistance Tooltip with requirements for built-in research assistance

Stay focused and work faster with smarter ways to find information or the feature you need.

Work smarter with the built-in Word Researcher

Research, find, and use content related to your topic without leaving Word. Pull in references, citations, and images to help create a solid first draft.

Find the right command in seconds with Tell Me

It’s easier than ever to find the feature you need. Just type what you want to do in the intelligent “Tell me what you want to do” search box and go directly to the command you need.

Stunning presentations in minutes Tooltip with requirements for PowerPoint design tools

Bring your ideas to life with built-in automated design tools that give you professional results.

Put your best foot forward with PowerPoint

PowerPoint Designer is an intelligent, built-in tool that helps you create high-quality slides in seconds. The new Morph transition effect creates cinematic motion in one click, seamlessly animating between your slides.

Captivate your audience with Sway

Create and share dynamic presentations, reports and personal stories. Sway lets you add multimedia to an online canvas that looks great on any device. Its built-in design engine brings your content together with beautiful styles, so you worry less about formatting and focus more on storytelling.

Discover insights with data trends and patterns

Excel one-click forecasting visually predicts trends based on history and seasonality. New charts, like Treemap, Sunburst, and Waterfall simplify and bring complex data to life.

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A Surface tablet displaying a PowerPoint presentation and PowerPoint Designer
A tablet displaying a document with a pen inking on the screen

Keyboard, touch, or pen—Office works the way you do

Touch and inking capabilities give you flexible options for reviewing, editing, and presenting.

Enjoy Office apps optimized for touch

Get more flexibility with touch-friendly versions of Office apps. Edit, zoom, and navigate across documents on your touchscreen PC, tablet, or phone.

Make your point with inking

Streamline editing documents with digital inking. Use a pen or stylus to annotate, highlight text, and convert drawings to shapes or written math into formatted equations.

Get Office today—choose the option that's right for you

From home to business, from desktop to web and the devices in between, Office delivers the tools to get work done.
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