Departmental solutions

Visio provides solutions that support specialized business roles and departments. Business managers, engineering and operations, human resources, and information technology professionals can all benefit from the capabilities provided by Visio, from documenting processes to compliance to schematics and more.

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Easily communicate technical processes and plans

Create network diagrams and flow charts that depict program logic using ready-made templates and shapes. Communicate visually with data-linked diagrams to gain alignment quickly and stay on top of operational insights.


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Manufacturer uses diagramming solution to create process documents 60 percent faster.


Increase process collaboration and compliance

Define processes efficiently using out-of-the-box templates that conform to industry standards, including Business Process Modeling (BPM) and Event-driven Process Chain (EPC). Work together across the modeling lifecycle by using familiar collaboration tools, and benefit from increased visibility, alignment, and compliance.


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The Hamburg Port Authority promotes collaborative culture with visualized process management


Simplify layout and design processes

Bring simplicity to real-world designs of floor plans, engineering architectures, and manufacturing processes by using ready-made shapes and templates. Work together easily on imported AutoCAD drawings, and use data-linked diagrams to stay on top of operational insights.


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Energy company restarts nuclear reactors faster with a data-linked diagram solution.


Align people and processes

Visualize organizational structure and people management processes by using the built-in cross-functional flow chart template and Org Chart wizard. Share one version of the truth to increase transparency and enhance your people-oriented culture.


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Work visually. Diagrams made simple.

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Visio Online Plan 2 diagrams shown on a laptop and iPad.
Visio Online Plan 2 diagrams on a tablet and iPad

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