GE uses communication features in chat-based workspace to connect global workforce

General Electric (GE) is a digital industrial company that helps technologically transform some of the world’s biggest industries. To keep its global workforce connected, GE had introduced Skype for Business, with features like calling and video conferencing. After learning that these capabilities were being built into Microsoft Teams, GE decided to roll out the chat-based workspace to further support high-velocity collaboration. GE employees find immense value in the communication and collaboration features that Teams brings to the modern workplace.

Office 365


使い慣れた Office とチームワークを加速するツールを入手して、いつでも、どこでも、生産性高く。

Office 365 の詳細情報

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グローバルで加速し続ける変化速度に合わせて、チャレンジを継続。“真のグローバル企業” を目指した営業力強化に、Dynamics 365 を柔軟に活用